Our Story

Heritage and Values

Archipelago Beauty creates natural and clean beauty products using the resources from some of the most exotic islands in the world: The Bahamas. Inspired by the abundance of nature and its inherent healing properties, we created a product that was marine-based to showcase the native plants, exotic fruits, and ocean waters in a special way.

Using ancestral knowledge passed down from generation to generation, we curated natural ingredients that were safe yet effective in improving the skin’s youthful look for all skin types. At Archipelago Beauty, our values are deeply rooted in island living and serving as stewards of the earth so that we may continue sharing its bountiful resources for generations to come. 

Inspired by Island Living

The abundance of nature found in island life serves as the inspiration for our products. Nature is what sustains and nourishes us, which is why we never compromise on the clean ingredients we use. Native plants, ocean ingredients, and exotic fruits work together to maintain your skin’s youthful look-- naturally. 

Filled With Ancestral Knowledge

We get about 340 sunny days a year in the Bahamas. For generations, our ancestors learned and passed down knowledge on using exotic ingredients the earth has given us to heal and soothe our skin from harsh environmental factors, like harmful UV rays, that are especially prevalent in island life. 

Rich History

The beauty of The Bahamas extends beyond our sandy shores and clear waters. Our distinct culture was shaped by African, British, and American influences over generations, which is reflected in our vibrant and organic lifestyle. We continue to be inspired by this lifestyle and the land where we proudly source some of our highest quality natural ingredients.