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Made With Ingredients From Nature

Inspired by island living and ancestral knowledge from the Bahamas, our products were created using ingredients from the earth, water, and soil, to improve the overall look, functionality and feel of our bodies largest organ, the skin. 

Our products are a collection of the best ancestral beauty secrets passed down for generations using exotic ingredients found in the Bahamas. 

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Ancient Caribbean Beauty Secrets

Growing up in what I like to call  ‘Earth’s Little Paradise’ it was always a dream of mine to showcase the native plants, exotic fruits our beaches and waters to the world in a special way. Surrounded by ocean and engulfed in nature, as an island girl’ my mother always taught me that anything you needed to improve or heal the body was right at your fingertips. 

From the white and pink sand beaches to the aloe vera plants to the sea salt found at our shorelines and our beautiful turquoise waters, lied the answers. Creating a beauty brand that was natural, clean and ocean based was not only a product that I wanted to sell to the world but more importantly a lifestyle.

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About Our Island Secrets

I use this cream during my night time routine. I love the formula because it is so light and silky. The texture of my skin is so soft to touch after using this product for some weeks. I have combination skin, and this does not leave my skin feeling oily at all. The scent is not harsh which I appreciate. I have also noticed that when I wake up in the mornings I have this beautiful dewy look. You only need a dime size of this product for each use and it goes such a long way! I will certainly return for another bottle. - Mae

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I’ve been using this product for over a month and I have seen a greater improvement with the fine lines near my eyes and forehead. It also adds this beautiful glow to my skin throughout the day. I’d definitely recommend this product! - Alex


Very good product. I absolutely love it!

- Tedra

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